Tomato salad with fresh cheese and nuts

This recipe also comes from the days of confinement …. it seems that we had a great period of culinary creativity!

Of culinary creativity and of monitoring a little the calories that we were ingesting, that after 4 weeks, we already began to notice. Especially the little ones, who are used to doing so much sport, breaking the rhythms … well, that. Good things, that we had at home, and low in calories.

And now that the warmth comes and the garden begins to bear its fruits, this recipe comes as a ring to the finger! Let’s go there!

Tomato salad with fresh cheese and nuts, seasoned with Olicatessen and herb powder for salads.

Well, it seems to me that there is not much explanation, but here it comes:

Clean the tomato very well and dry it with a clean cloth. Cut into cubes, into slices, … and place on a tray large enough to allow us to stir easily.

We take the fresh cheese and either cut it or crumble it.

We like 70% tomato – 30% fresh cheese.

And now the seasoning! Umh! I love!

Well, we add some walnuts and sesame (we like them a lot, we are quite generous), we add the special herb powder salads and organic extra virgin olive oil Olicatessen. NOTHING MORE!

You are always on time to add salt and / or vinegar. But I advise you to try it just as we have.
And I will not say anything else so as not to “step on” the surprise.

Herbal powder is made by Joan, from Aromis. It is a small producer of saffron and aromatic herbs from Conca de Barbarà. It also has all certified organic production and is as meticulous as we are.

The dried fruit in this case we have used walnuts and sesame. Crit d’Or brings it to us, passionate about dried fruit, which by the way we prepare it we have been meeting the world and have become friends. Total, that now we cannot live without each other; 0)


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