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In addition to the products we make, we have realized that one of the other passions we have is to explain and teach the way we work, present the farms where the olive trees grow, show processes that we use or have created.


The way we were organized, but it didn’t make it possible for us to do everything we wanted. In short: We needed more hands, more hours, more heads ….


And after many turns, we find Anna. A very versatile person, integrated and adopted to Olicatessen quickly to help us revitalize the territory.

Make visits, big and small as we like. With tranquility, with knowledge, with attention and depth.

And from there a new branch of activity is born, the Olicatessen experiences

The creation has been fantastic, and we hope that the official presentation and the “normal” pace can be established soon (this Covid has let us create, but not “premiere”).


We hope that, with good weather, we can all start enjoying together!


You can choose between a walk among olive trees, or a tasting, or a workshop (we have them prepared for the season) or if you come with the little ones, do we tell you a story in the shade of a large olive tree?


The link to all Experiences – Olicatessen


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