Come on spring, summer or autumn

Storytelling among olive trees «What a story!»

Willing to transmit the passion, the culture, the heritage of our ancestors, the love for the work of the land and our territory to the new generations, we propose an educational activity for the whole family. The activity consists of reading stories on the crop itself. Then, we can do a tasting of bread with extra virgin olive oil to fill the bellies a little and, if you like, a walk around the farm, to see the trees and the land that have been worked on in the stories.

Includes: Storytelling, tasting of bread with oil and, if you like, a walk around the farm.

Make the reservation

Prior reservation is required and at agreed times, always bearing in mind that during the summer it will not take place in the hottest hours

Price: 5€ per child (up to 12 years old). Minors must be accompanied by 1 adult. The companion will have free admission.

Number of attendees:  Minimum of 5 children (who will be accompanied by 1 adult) Maximum of attendees: 20 people.

Duration: approximately 1: 30h.

Seasonality: Spring, summer and autumn, always depending on the weather as it takes place outside.

Payment: In cash before starting at the mill itself or by bank transfer when making the reservation.


Additonal guidelines:

Languages: Catalan and Spanish .

Location and parking: The meeting point will be Molí dels Torms.

Location: road L-701, km. 16,5, Els Torms. You can find it on Google Maps.

In the oil mill we have a space where we can park our vehicles and, if necessary, from there we can take our personal cars to move to the farm, where we can also park.