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What a story!

Contacontes Olicatessen

We are waiting for you in spring, summer or autumn

In order to pass on the care, culture, heritage of our ancestors, love for working the land and our territory to the new generations, we propose an educational activity for school groups in the initial cycle (from 3 years). The activity consists of reading a story on the farm itself. Afterwards, we can make a little bread and oil to fill our stomachs and, if you like, a little walk around the farm, to see the trees and the land that we have just worked on in the story. Translated with (free version)


Advance booking is required and times can be agreed, always bearing in mind that during the summer it will not be in the hottest hours.

Price: 5 euros per child.

Duration: between 1 and 2 hours.

Capacity: max. 20 people, to be revised according to Covid-19 regulations.

Seasonality: spring, summer and autumn, always depending on the weather, as it is an outdoor workshop.

Payment: in cash before starting or by bank transfer when booking.


Children must always be accompanied by a monitor.


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T'interessa participar?

Emma Rovira
973 128 362

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