Workshop: oil in a lamp

Learn how to make an olive oil lamp

Can you make light with oil?

We go back to how our ancestors made light and we will learn how to make an oil lamp with our own hands. The activity is aimed at both adults and children over 6 years old and will be held at our crops, where we can also enjoy the surroundings and, if you want, a walk among olive trees.

What’s included? Materials and guide during the workshop, the lamp can be taken home

Do your reservation

Prior reservation is required and at agreed times, always bearing in mind that during the summer it will not take place in the hottest hours.

Price: 10€ adult / 8€ children. With material included. Children must always be accompanied by 1 adult.

Duration: approximately 1: 30h..

Number of attendees:

Minimum number of assistants: 6 people.

Maximum number of assistants: 10 people.

Prices and payment methods:

Visit + lamp workshop: 10€ adult / 8 € kids (up to 12 years old), the materials are included and the kids must be accompanied by an adult.

The payment methods are cash just before starting the activity in the oil mill or by bank transfer when the booking is appointed.

Duration:  1:30h approximately.

Temporality: Spring, summer and fall and always depending on the weather, since the workshop is outdoors.


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T'interessa participar?

Emma Rovira
973 128 362

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