Why organic?

Sometimes, I find very interesting items when it comes to organic / biological and benefits of their consumption, but they are a bit dense and sometimes even technically complicated. I liked this because it is clear and direct. I send the summary at the bottom of the article. The keys to organic farming for sustaining […]

Olicatessen Poetry

Leonci Canals sends us a poetry that has inspired the day he came to the open house. It is seen that the artists (in this case a poet) can be found when least expected. Thank you! Olicatessen Oli nat a les entranyes de soques retorçades i a una terra arrelades de nom, les Garrigues. Català […]

Raventos i Blanc is not cava anymore

No words to describe it would be better. Where it says cava, we say extra virgin olive oil, where it says Raventos i Blanc we say Olicatessen, where it says DO Cava we say DO Garrigues… clearer than water! Article writen by Iñigo Galatas, on his blog “Sopa de Ganso” at Diario Vasco, on the […]