Food sovereignty

Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to determine the agricultural and food policies that affect them: to have the right and access to the land, to natural resources, to be able to feed themselves in a safe and healthy way with food free of transgenics, to protect and to regulate internal agricultural production and trade with the aim of achieving sustainable development and guaranteeing food security.

At olicatessen (Molí dels Torms), we are committed to organic farming, respectful of the environment, with a traditional crop where the times and quantities that trees can offer naturally are not forced (with chemicals).

The massive entry of large farms (with intensive or super-intensive farming practices) absorb large amounts of natural resources, impoverish the sun due to overexploitation, pollute aquifers due to the abuse of fertilizers and chemical products… cheaper but have very costly consequences in the medium and long term.


The development and sustainability of the rural world depends on this factor. The limited access to land, the few job opportunities they offer and the impact on the territory means that the towns are depopulated and increasingly with an older population.

This is also one of the reasons that has made us form the Mengem Garrigues cooperative, a group of small producers from Ponent, who want to give value to agri-food, small and quality productions and help each other to create synergies by being more efficient.

We are what we consume!