Medals from Oro Mediterraneo


El Oro del Mediterráneo, in its 10th edition, promotes cultural exchanges and encourages promotional activities among members of the Mediterranean. It has different purposes:

  1. Develop and promote the culture and image of extra virgin olive oil produced in the Mediterranean area.
  2. Make known and appreciate the organoleptic characteristics, nutrition, and health, as well as promote their consumption.
  3. It promotes the activity of the producers and the role of the extra virgin olive oil tasters.


This contest wants to develop and promote the culture of extra virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean, a value and objective, which we fully share. It is promoted by OLEA (Organizzazione Laboratorio Espert and Assaggiatori) and other entities collaborate such as Centro di educazione Ambientale (CEA) Posidonia, the Asociación viandantes dei Sapori, the regions of Puglia and Marche, the Consorzio olivícola Italiano (Unaprol)


Within the classifications that are established, olicatessen has been recognized with:

Organic extra virgin olive oil category:

2nd prize in the Light Fruity section

Extra virgin olive oil coupage (or blend) category

3rd prize in the Light Fruity section

We hope you can enjoy this award-winning extra virgin olive oil, at home, with friends, with your family, at work, at parties or in private. Let salads, vegetables, pasta, and rice make you happy. We believe that it is an “all terrain” oil, olicatessen is fresh, balanced that gives it a herbal and tomato touch, respecting and accompanying the tastes and aromas of food and dishes and preparing.


Can you tell us how you like to use olicatessen?


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