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Chocolate cream (6 units)

Organic chocolate cream

Format: box of 6 units (200 gr. jar)


Organic chocolate cream

Hazelnut flavor, dense creaminess that melts in the mouth, succulent cocoa. A delight that improves the desserts, snacks and breakfasts of the little ones and those who are not.

The only added fat is the olicatessen Extra virgin olive oil, thus making, in addition to being a delicious tasting, a much healthier and more nutritious dish, it is easier to digest.

Made with hazelnut from Lleida




Suggested uses and pairing:

  • For toast for breakfast or a snack
  • To fill and / or cover cakes, cakes, muffins and cupcakes
  • To decorate fruit salads or dessert plates.
  • Sweeten yogurts
  • Add to the cream, before mounting. Result: chocolate cream!


Ingredients: Cane sugar, olicatessen extra virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, whole milk powder


Additional information. GMO Declaration: The product does not contain raw material derived from Genetically Modified Organisms


Format: glass jar of 200 gr.


Conservation: Once opened, keep in a clean, cool place away from sun exposure.


Certified by the CCPAE

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