Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil coupage Olicatessen in 0,25L tin (10 units)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil coupage Olicatessen.

Format: 0,25L tin, 10 unit box

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Very versatile for Mediterranean cuisine. Accompanies and highlights the vegetable aromas providing a tasty green with a lot of personality.


USE: Especially suitable to season green salads, vegetables (raw, boiled, or grilled), white fish (without sauces) and white meats, for pasta and white rice and above all, for bread with tomato.


Taste notes: This harvest, olicatessen is a coupage- blend with 70% early-harvest arbequina and recovered varieties. It has a cheerful spiciness, very fruity and aromas of vegetables and herbs.

It is a very balanced bitter-sweet, spicy-green oil, with clear notes of almond, green walnut, fennel, tomato, and artichoke.

Format: Tin of 250 ml .

More information: Resistant Packaging. Ideal to carry on cases without risk of break. Easy use.

Certified by CCPAE