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Organic Mature Arbequina Tapenade (6 units)

Organic Mature Arbequina tapenade Olicatessen

Format: 110gr jar, 6-unit box.


Organic olive paste or tapenade of ripen arbequina olive.

100% olive pulp, collected in December when the fruit is already ripe and has an almost black purple hue. Fine, soft, tasty, elegant.

It has a taste with a lot of personality. Intense arbequina olive with the characteristics of ripe arbequina, slightly almond and hints of ripe fruit. On the palate it has an unctuous and fleshy texture.

Uses in the kitchen – pairing:

  • Add a tablespoon of olives to the vinaigrette. Especially for sweet salads with fruit. Orange, apple and pear.
  • Ideal for pizzas, pasta (apply as pesto) and canapés.
  • Accompany fresh and matured cheeses.
  • Use as a sauce for crudités


It can be used both cold and warm. A delicacie.


Ingredients: Arbequina olives, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Format: Crystal jar of 110gr .

Conservation: Once open, keep into the refrigerator.

Organic certified by CCPAE

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