Paco Roncero and AOVE

In the bowels of the Casino de Madrid, the new workshop Paco Roncero is much more than a think tank and research: a machine for editing experience, recreating atmospheres and cause sensations, accessible only to a few and only by invitation. PacoRonceroTaller is the realization of a dream long meditated by Paco Roncero. The project […]

Gold for Olicatessen in Terraolivo 2012

Terraolivo, international competition of extra virgin olive oil at Jerusalem (Israel), has awarded Olicatessen with a gold medal! In this third edition there have been more than 300 oils from countries like Spain, Croatia, Chile, Israel, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay, USA, Greece, Japan, Peru, France, Slovenia, South Africa and Turkey. The objectives of these awards […]

Silver for Olicatessen at Ecotrama

Ecotrama is an award that is placed annually to choose the best extra virgin olive oils of Organic Production. The objective of this international award, a part of the value of the quality of organic extra virgin olive oil Production is to empower the ecological development of this sector, serving of Support for the promotion […]


INGREDIENTS: 1 pizza dough (or you can do it yourselve) 175 grams of cheese spread 1 red onion very thin rings. You can soften two minutes in the microwave or at the pan over low heat) Olicatessen olive paste (as much as you like it) oregano PREPARATION: Preheat oven to 180 degrees with air. Unroll […]