Workshop: Table olive

Learn how to prepare your own canned olives, a simple and creative way to add your favourite flavours to table olives.
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Harvest Begins

Every year at this time we have to pay attention to the sky, the trees, the olives, although little is to choose the right time to start harvesting. We have to Venanci nervous is our “Messi” before a game, you always have butterflies in the stomach. Well now we have already started, and the olives […]

Already started the flowering

We are now in the time of flowering. The “buttons” that come out now, will become the olives that will be harvested in a few months. <img src="×150.jpg" alt="" title="2013_FLORACIO_detall" width="150" height="150" It's nice to see these fields right now.

Spring, spring

After the rain (very grateful!) When the sun is out, the trees have begun to wake up. See the “buttons” that will bloom in a few days is special. We hope it is a sign of good harvest.

Table olive

These days you already can see us how we harvest the olives. Although they are still green and strong. These olives within a few months we will bottle them as a table olive or as olive tapenade (olive pate). As the temperature is pleasant it is being very nice!