Workshop: Table olive

Learn how to make your own preserves

DATES : october and november, as we pick the olives from our farms for the workshop and it is the optimal point for the fruit to ripen.

In this workshop we explain different processes of maceration of the olives that we will collect with our own hands. It is an ancestral process inherited from many previous generations, who were looking for a way to have table olives throughout the year, until the next harvest. At olicatessen we want to help ensure that this heritage is not lost.

Do you want to know a simple way to do it? In this video we give you a little introduction.

Minimum number of attendees: 6 people

Maximum number of attendees: 12 people

Includes: walk through the farms while we collect the olives. We will provide a glass jar with a lid that we will fill with olives and then the visitors can take home. We will also provide the salt to macerate them and aromatic herbs, which we can also collect on the farm.

Price: € 10 per adult, € 8 for children (up to 12 years old).

The payment methods are cash just before starting the activity in the oil mill or by bank transfer when the booking is appointed.

Additonal guidelines:

  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

  • Location and parking: The meeting point will be Molí dels Torms.

Location: road L-701, km. 16,5, Els Torms. You can find it on Google Maps.

In the mill we have a space where we can park our vehicles and, if necessary, from there we can take our personal cars to move to the farm, where we can also park.

  • telephone coverage: movistar


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Emma Rovira
973 128 362

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