4/12 reasons to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Around the olive grove there is a whole culture and a philosophy of work by the olive growers, which goes back throughout its history. The olive tree is a plant that has appeared in archeological remains for more than 8,000 years.

Olive tree calendar – February


calendar of the olive tree during the month of February 2021 in the mill of the torms. How are the farms? what happened during february?

Spring, spring

After the rain (very grateful!) When the sun is out, the trees have begun to wake up. See the “buttons” that will bloom in a few days is special. We hope it is a sign of good harvest.

The pruning of olive trees

Like people who occasionally we have to cut his hair to strengthen them and / or written down (besides remain good looking) with trees is the same. Pruning is the result of cutting some branches and alters the ratio leaf / root and leaf / wood, and how do we help balance the tree growth […]

The fields have flourished

Just last week, it “busted” (that’s how they called it around here) the first flower. Now it is blossom and nice to see … This period is very important for the olive tree because if the bloom is short we will have few olives. In contrast, if we have a good blossom is a first […]